Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Food, Friends and Fireworks

June 27, 2009
John and I have been wanting to get friends together and have a BBQ for a while. It just so happened that John's good friend Leroy and his girlfriend Danielle were going to be out in California for the weekend so we decided last minute to invite a few people over. John went out surfing for the morning so Av and I got things ready around the house...including picking up daddy's favorite carne asada! I'm not gonna lie...I love it too!
It turned out to be the perfect day for a BBQ! IT was nice and warn outside...perfect for the pool! Murrieta was also having it's annual Birthday Event at the Cal Oaks Sports Park, which it walking distance from the house. So WE all enjoyed the Three F's:
Here are some of the moments we captured from that day!

Yes. That's a corona. No she didn't get a drop. She loves the cold rim, it must feel great on her gums. Little miss Avarey has started teething. Daddy made me take a picture, he thought it was funny, I guess it kinda was!
Kaelen Patri! Almost 13 months and weighs just about the same as my little chunker who's only 4 month's!
Mason, This little monster is two and just loves Avarey! Every time he See's her and I mean every time...he says' Baby Avarey and gives her kisses (or at least tries to)!!

BALL! I can't believe she's talking and walking!!

Kyrstal and Avarey

Mason again
The Boys TAKE 1

Take 2

candid! Love the face Erica!
All the girls
and us again

another random shot of Erica...why I have so many candid shots of her IDK!?

John getting ready for Fireworks

Was it a long day Kyle?
This really was a great day with great friends! Thank you all for coming out! Many more to come!

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