Monday, July 27, 2009

Teeth, Earings and the Bow Snatcher

Mommy and Avarey (5 month's old)
Sunday July 26TH, 2009

Avarey has been teething for the past 2 weeks! She's been extra cranky on and off and still no Teeth. I can see it on the bottom but it hasn't decided to make it's way into Avary's mouth just yet! Av's loves to sooth her gums by playing with her baby spoon! I'm sure the soft rubber edge feels just great on her little gums!

Another picture of Avarey and her favorite "new" toy!

One of my mom's best friends threw a birthday party for her son Zach yesterday...He's now 1! I couldn't help but think that in only 7 months Avarey will be having her 1st birthday! Time is flying...everyone said it would but I never imagined it would go as fast at it is! I love Av's at this age and I'm trying to savor every moment!

Av's trying to get Zach's bottle!

Av's looking up at mommy when I told her she couldn't have it...not that she understood what I was saying!

Zach trying to take Avarey's bow off!

side view of the bow snatcher!

Such a pretty girl!

John and I went and got Avarey's ears pierced on Saturday July 25Th, 2009 ( sorry about all the dates, I just don't want to forget!!!) I have been wanting to get them pierced but have been a little chicken! And rightfully so...she screamed and turned bright RED!!! It was worse than getting her shots! I felt soooo bad, but I really wanted to get them done before she discovered her Ears. She looks beautiful, the earrings suit her well and she forgot about it all in 5 min.

Yes there's one little Earring...she looks just precious!! It was another eventful, amazing weekend with my little Family!!!

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