Sunday, December 20, 2009

~Such a Proud Mama~

I really am so proud of my Princess! Not only did she crawl up the stairs for the first time tonight...but (insert drum-roll) she also took her First 20 min ago actually. Her daddy is putting her to bed as we speak and I had to blog about it ASAP! I can't believe how BIG she is and it makes me so proud to see her light up when she finally "gets" something! She is so smart and John and I are so blessed to have Avarey in our lives! WE love you Baby Girl!

~Beautiful Baby/Toddler Club~

Avarey had an amazing Saturday...why you ask???

...Because she had two friends come over for a playdate! Avy J. loves other babies/kids...smaller people in general! She's fascinated that there are other people her size out there in the world! John and I love having company as well! Erica and Kaelen arrived first but the party started when the Lugo's arrived and Mason darted for the Christmas tree and opened one of Avarey's Presents! It was hilarious. He was a little upset when we told him that none of those presents were his and that he couldn't open anymore! It was classic...I can't wait till Avarey gets that excited for Presents! All three kids loved watching the doggy (Tyson) run in circles around the pool! The night ended at Buffalo Wild Wings (which was amazing by the way! Why I haven't eaten there sooner I have no idea)!

Here are a few moments we captured on camera...

Monday, December 14, 2009


So my mom and I got to go on Ellen's 7th day of Giveaways shows!!! I still can't believe how lucky we were to get tickets! I've been applying for tickets online for a while and they just called and offered them to me!!! WE got some very cool stuff including...

  • Nokia Twist Phone (verizon gift card $50)

  • Samsung Camcorder

  • Ihome stereo system! (we can hook it up to our TV and watch our movies from our Itouch)

  • 3rd Generation 32 GB I touch!!!

  • California King Tempurpedic-cloud Supreme Mattress!!!

The show was so much fun, So glad my mom got to come with! And boy did John and I need a new Bigger mattress! Funny how life works.

Give a little "Whistle"

So Here's a little update on what's been new with Avarey Jordan...

  • Avy J loves to everything. Especially sports! It's super cute. When you say yeah she starts clapping!
  • Loves to be tickled....she laughs and laughs. It makes my day
  • Whistles...yep. We whistle at the dog and she got on. I can't believe it! We'll whistle and then so will she. She blows out and in and out and in and out comes the cutest whistle!
  • Is a Dancing Queen!! Every time she hears music she stops and then will start rocking out, clapping and all!
  • Loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and the Hot Dog Song! (I'm downloading it on my New I Touch ;-))
  • Drinks out of a straw...will try and steal your drink if it has a straw or not.
  • Knows where her mouth is!
  • Will sit on her "bottom" when I tell her to...especially if I have puffs! lol
  • Blowing kisses and gives out wet kisses all the time. You ask and you shall receive!
  • Standing up on her own for at least 20 second intervals!
  • can walk only holding onto one of my hands! It's a little sloppy but she's doing it
  • Eating Earth's Best 3's!
  • Has three teeth on the bottom and at least one I feel cutting through on the top!
  • Points to what she wants...which is pretty much everything!!!
  • Loves when mommy sings her to sleep...her fav is "You are my Sunshine!" (which was mine to as a baby!)
  • Still loves the Itzy Bitzy Spider song...
  • Adores Tyson...though I'm 100 x more cautious since she snapped at was rather scary and left a bruise on her forehead.
  • Lights up when I pick her up from the well as when John comes home from work!
  • Will sit and watch sports with her Poppa (my dad)! It's so cute! She'll even clap!
  • Going to be still at 8...waking up between 6-7 am! ( she hears mommy and daddy)
  • Takes a good 1 and a half hour nap around 12 pm
  • Loves Bath time...getting her not to stand in the bath has become rather difficult
  • Changing her diaper has also become difficult...that girl loves going nude!
  • Still adores her paci...especially shoving the whole thing in her mouth
  • Knows where her shoes and socks go...she'll lift up her foot!

She is just getting too big!!! I can't believe she's going to be 10 months on the 23rd!! Craziness! I love watching her grow and learn...however it makes me very sad. My baby is going to be a toddler very soon...I'm not ready.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas!

Shopping for the "PERFECT" Christmas tree!
WE all look so happy don't we?! But I love this's hilarious!

Av's loves the tree!!

Our FIRST Christmas with Avarey (out of the belly)!

Tradition! Avarey's first ornament!

Mommy and Avarey! I love the Holiday Season!! It's even more fun now that We have Avarey to celebrate with! WE just finished her Christmas shopping and the Wrapping of ALL of her presents...which was overwhelming. But I'm so glad we are done!! All of her presents look beautiful...topped with ton's of ribbon's and bows...of COURSE!!

Purple Thermals!

I love these PJ's!!

Manda's 18th and Turkey day with the Petty's

My little sister turned 18. Yep!? 18...I can't believe it. Her birthday always falls around Thanksgiving so we decided to celebrate it and have another "Thanksgiving" with my dad's side of the family! We love getting all the Petty's's nothing short of interesting! hehehe
Amanda about to blow out her candles when...

her hair caught on fire. It was hilarious and I'm super glad I got a picture of it! Just look at her face! lol Amanda is always our entertainment!

Aunt Katherine (Dad's Sister), Uncle Aaron and their beautiful girls!

Baby was exhausted...too much turkey does that to you!

An "exciting" game of spoons! My sister is a little feisty and competitive.

Daddy and Uncle Craiger too tired to get up and take the spoon away from the baby!

Family...minus my momma!

Tyson finished off Avy's plate!

Amanda may be 18 but she still sits at the kid table!

Nana and Poppa!

Thanksgiving take 1

Avarey's First Thanksgiving was a hit! We had Thanksgiving twice this year...first with John's parents in Arizona!
We are so thankful for our beautiful, smart, healthy daughter!

John's sister and her family!


Grandpa Harris

Great Cousin Naleeya! She was 1 month old!


The beg. on November John and I drove down to Downtown Disney in Anaheim. WE wanted to do a little shopping and then have dinner at Rainforest Cafe! We stopped by my first job, Build-A-Bear and made Avarey a monkey...of course she doesn't get to play with her till Christmas but she did get to help Stuff, Fluff, and Dress her!
Av's Monkey!

Always with that paci in her mouth...the whole thing too!

Monkey kisses!

Kiss the heart Avy

Just one Avarey Jordan!