Monday, July 27, 2009

No "Fair" for Av's

July 18Th, 2009

John, Av's and I had plans to go to the OC Fair with friends when Avarey came down with a little cold! Poor baby had a drain for a just wouldn't stop running. The Cold Monster had trouble breathing with her monster boogies that formed due to her drain. I felt bad after the first night when Both Av and I got little sleep. So the next day I went to my "favorite store" and got this cute little cow humidifier! Let me just tell you that I LOVE THIS LITTLE COW!!! Av slept a million times better with it and it's not medicated! It's just a cool mist!! It's made by CRANE if any of you are interested. Anyways Avarey was feeling much better by Saturday...the day we had plans for the Fair...but I decided not to chance it and left her with her Nana while I drove out to Costa Mesa to meet up with John. John had already been out in the area due to his Tattoo apt. Yes he's addicted and his arm is halfway done. No it doesn't look like a wrist cast anymore. I have my days where I love his tattoo's and days where I'm not so fond of them. Avarey on the other hand is rather amused by them...they are colorful and "pretty!" Anyways WE had a GREAT time at the overcrowded fair! I love getting out of the house!! Here are some moments John and I happen to catch on camera!!

Vince, Mason and Kelly at the end of the night! Poor guy was soooo tired and fighting it!

Travis, Krystal and Deyvn eating over priced BBQ Corn!

WE did this scary face on purpose but this ride really was scary! I thought I was going to puke!

John and Trav in line for the Zipper!

John and Devyn...John's practicing the shoulder sit for Avarey!

All the Girls! kelly, me, Danielle, Alena, Krystal, devyn and Danielle's two girls Journey and Savannah
Leroy, Jason (I think that's his name), Vince, Mason (in front), John, Travis and Scottie!

WE all had soooo much fun! Next time I say we go on a weekday when it's less crowded!

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