Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just a day at the park

I had Monday off of work...so Avy and I decided to walk down to the park! We had so much fun. It was freezing...but Avy didn't seem to mind! She had the whole park to herself! She does however mind the sand. She likes to play with it...but when she's done she wipes her hands to holds them up to me to get the sand off! It's kinda adorable...my little princess!

Little Girl...Big Dreams

February 23rd, 2010
Morning mommy...I'm one!

Kisses for Auntie Manda

Look what I can do mommy...
Lounging around

Look mommy...
I get another Cake?

I love this Birthday stuff!

Not so much the cleaning part.

Happy First Birthday Honey Bunny!

Avarey Jordan's Clubhouse

Sign in Table

Avy's Boyfriend...Mason
Mommy, Daddy and Avy

Av and kaelen
Erica and Holly <3> My amazing family! And yes we are all wearing Disney shirts!

I loved her outfit!!!

Avarey Jordan had her First Birthday Party on Sunday February 21st, 2010! WE all had so much fun. Avy was exhausted by the end of the night! Thank you to everyone who came out and spoiled her rotten! She now has a whole new wardrobe, plenty of new beautiful bows thanks to Rachelle, and a room full of toys. I'm now on the hunt for a new toy box to fit all her things in.
Extra special thank you to my mommy who continues to teach me how to be a mom! Thank you for all of your help.
People who were in our thoughts:
Aunt Jenny, who is making us proud in Japan!
Uncle Michael, who never ever leaves our minds or hearts. Avy and I are going to celebrate her birthday with him on Saturday!
Thank you again everyone for making this day so memorable!

To my One year old

My Avarey Jordan,

You turned one this morning...at 8:17 am exactly. From the moment you were born you stole my heart. From the moment you were born, as Corny as it sounds... my life forever changed. This past year, your first year, has been filled with Frustration, Tears, Laughter, Joy, Worry and Love. This past year has been amazing, being your mommy is amazing. I loved experiencing every new milestone, place, person, thing with you. I see your innocent smile and sometimes that little mischievous smile and my heart melts. I melt because I see that this world is yours for the taking. Life is full possibility and I can't wait to watch you grow. You have started doing the cutest thing recently...you crawl into my lap and then will look up every so often to make sure I'm still there. I want you to know that I will always be here for you....as long as you give me fishy kisses every day ;-)

I love you Honey Bunny, Monkey, Princess, Av, Avy J, Sweet pea, Luvee, baby girl, Avarey Jordan Harris! We made it through the first year. It went by too fast if you ask me...but I can't wait to watch you grow and spend many more birthday's together! I love you more than all the starts in the sky...and than some!

Love always and always,


Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So We've been busy, busy, busy lately. John's Mom passed away Jan. 25th and things have been a whirlwind since. Av and I drove to Parker the next day (John left that night) and stayed the rest of the week. John stayed an extra week to spend quality time with his poor dad. Avarey and I however had a GIRL WEEK! So in between work, Avarey, planning her Birthday Party, the passing of John's Mom...things have been a little crazy. I plan on posting events soon...especially the beautiful celebration Of Ronnie Harris' life!

I moved Avarey into her own room today...Not sure if "I" am ready but she sure is! We'll see how the night goes. Wish me luck.