Monday, April 19, 2010


Yes she is all GIRL...and I love it!


I LOVE Baseball! I grew up watching both my brother's play ball as well as my dad! Baseball is in my blood! I especially love going to games! During Spring Break, My Dad got some great seats from his friend and we took Avy to her first Angels Game! She was sooo good! No whining or crying! She loved it...and so did I until I got hit with a foul ball. Yes out of 40,000 people I would get hit by a foul ball! I still have a massive bruise on my leg and the game was 2 weeks ago. This was only the First of MANY games little MISS Avarey Jordan will be attending this season! Thanks Poppa and Nana for taking us along!

Av's 2nd Easter

Avy and Ty Ty!!
Mommy...There is something in this thing!

She totally got the hang out finding eggs and putting them in her basket!!

Candy too early in the morning...

Avarey's Easter Basket!

Our Beautiful Dyed Easter Eggs!

Daddy, Mommy and Avy!

Wow how this year flown by! This is a picture of Avarey's first Easter (2 months old)! I am in just as much amazement of her now as I was when she was just born! Though sometimes I wish I could freeze time and have her be my little baby forever, I love watching her grow and learn!
Easter Twenty Ten was amazing! John, Avarey's daddy spent Easter with us. He's been working in Arizona since the end of January. I'm glad I got to take a picture of the three of us. WE miss having him around.

She almost fit in her Easter Basket...ahhh I miss my itty Bitty Avy!

Easter Fun at the Park

Growing up I LOVED going to the city sponsored Easter Egg hunt with my I was super excited to Take Avarey to the Easter Event in Murrieta! Av's was so cute throwing her eggs and picking them up again! There was a little petting Zoo with baby lambs that Avarey fell in love with! She sat down next to them and would not leave! Seeing a smile on Avarey's face makes me a happy mommy!! I'm excited to make this Event an Easter Tradition for our family!

Bounce House

March 27, 2010

Another Jones baby is expected to enter this world anytime now! Erica and Kyle are giving Kaelen a baby brother! I love them to pieces and had a ton of fun at their Shower in March! Avarey loved the Bounce House!! It was her firs time in one and she had a blast! I love you guys and can't wait to meet the little dude!