Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My heart stopped

The Accident

My mom, Avarey and I decided to check out Uncle Craiger's new home! He and His friends are moving into a house in Menifee. Anyways, on the way home we were rear ended. I wasn't driving (Thank Goodness) and I do believe my heart stopped. We were hit pretty hard (my mama has whiplash) and the only thing I could think about was Avarey. I ripped out my seat belt and flew in the back to find my little Angel screaming. In the process of flying into the backseat, I flipped off the driver who hit us. I definitely don't usually act hasty and I felt bad after I did it, especially since it was a nice old man. The Man was very nice about the whole thing, (I assume) my mama was doing all the talking while I was calming Av's.

We got home and I called Av's doctor to see if I should take her in. I ended up only talking to the nurse who advised me to get her to urgent care. Now Avarey seemed fine and I wasn't really worried...but better safe than sorry...RIGHT! So off to Urgent Care we went. Turns out That Kaiser doesn't have Urgent Care at the Wildomar office for children under 2. They were going to send me to Riverside when they saw my precious baby smiling and sent me in to see the RN (That's what happens when you have a gorgeous baby). She checked Av's and she seems to be just fine. Just in case She made little miss Avarey an appointment for tomorrow early afternoon. If she seems a little stiff or "off" I'm to bring her in. If she seems OK I can go ahead and cancel her apt. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

On a good note, Avarey is getting a new car seat! It turns out that whenever a child is in an accident, their car seat must be replaced. This works because Avarey DOES NOT like her car seat. Thank Goodness she's OK and that I didn't have a heart attack. I have NEVER been as SCARED as I was today! I couldn't imagine anything bad happening to my baby girl. God was watching over us today!


  1. not gonna lie..i freaked a little when you texted me...i'm sooo happy my ladies and baby are okay!! love you!

  2. I am glad that you are all safe. Good thing Avarey is so darn cute! She is already learning what good looks and a sweet smile can get you in life! What a cutie!