Friday, July 31, 2009

Day Trip to Coronado Island

July 31st, 2009
Av's a little bored in the car started chewing on her bib.

Pretty Girl

Auntie Manda, Nana and Avarey strolling through the park!

Chewing on her hand...this is typical Avarey activity!

She can sit up on her own now!!!

Looking at the boats with mommy

Look at my big girl standing up!

Nana and Avarey! I LOVE this picture.

loved the sand.

Auntie Manda and Av's in the Stroller...Manda is NOT ready to grow up! was a loooonnng Day!

Aunt Jenny Time

July 28th, 2009

Tuesday Av's and I went to Fullerton to visit my bestie for the day! We went to the mall and did a little shopping for Japan. Aunt Jenny is leaving in 13 days to teach English in Japan! We sure are going to miss her! Anyways here are some pictures from out playdate.
Avarey in Ev's stroller!

Ev passed out in Nordy's.

And now screaming in Red Robbin.
I loved our bestie time. and thank you Aunt Jenny for the cute shopping cart cover for Avarey! She loves it and so do I!!

Too big for my Bathtub

Bathtime Fun
Avarey is totally out-growing her little bathtub.

She is such a ham...even in the Tub!

**Don't forget to clean between your toes!**

Another visit with the Doctor

July 30th, 2009

Avarey did much better this visit. She is always a wonderful baby and she lived up to my praises of what a "great" baby she is at her check-up! Her Amazing doctor was surprised Av's just let her listen to her heart...only grabbing for her glasses once, and check out her ears and throat. Avy just sat there and smiled at her mama. I think I'm always a little nervous the week of the doctor's visit and a little heartbroken when we leave. Of course we had shot's again, 3. One in her left leg and two in her right. Again she turned bright RED. If any of you have seen Avarey upset you know how RED her eyebrows and face get. It's soooo sad. I held her for a while before gathering our stuff and heading home. She had a little fever last night and this morning from the shot's I I'm monitoring it and have given her some Infant Tylenol. Avarey is a trooper though and I know she'll be just fine!

5 Month's

  • Weight-17.8 lbs...(90 %) She's my little chunky monkey...and I LOVE IT!!
  • Height-26" between (60%)
  • Head Circumference- 40.5 (90%)
  • She's sleeping through the night...
  • Bed 8:00 and she wakes up around 7:30 am.
  • Sometimes waking up around 3-4 am for a diaper change and 6 oz bottle than right back to bed!
  • Eating Fruit...Bananas (her fav), Pears, Apples, peaches (once a day usually for breakfast)
  • Veggies....Sweet Potatoes (her fav veggie), Squash, Sweet peas, Green Beans (once a day...after nap time)
  • So she's eating solids twice a day and having 2-3 6 oz bottles.
  • I've also introduced her to a sippy cup...she's still figuring it out but feels like such a big girl with it. It's too cute.
  • She can sit up on her own...pretty much.
  • Can roll over...though it doesn't happen very often.
  • loves the Doggy...Tyson just cracks her's so funny.
  • plays peek a boo with mama and her Blankey
  • Is starting to enjoy car rides a little more...thank goodness!!

John and I are so blessed to have this little Angel in our lives! It's so fun watching her grow and learn about the world around her!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Mama's little helper...

July 27th, 2009

I was doing Avarey's laundry this morning and she decided she wanted to help!
It was too precious! The Pic above is Av's pulling all the clothes out of her basket.

Here we have Avarey drooling on her clean dress!

And finally Av's sitting surrounded by fresh clean clothes! And yes that is a tabloid on my coffee table...I love them! The End

Teeth, Earings and the Bow Snatcher

Mommy and Avarey (5 month's old)
Sunday July 26TH, 2009

Avarey has been teething for the past 2 weeks! She's been extra cranky on and off and still no Teeth. I can see it on the bottom but it hasn't decided to make it's way into Avary's mouth just yet! Av's loves to sooth her gums by playing with her baby spoon! I'm sure the soft rubber edge feels just great on her little gums!

Another picture of Avarey and her favorite "new" toy!

One of my mom's best friends threw a birthday party for her son Zach yesterday...He's now 1! I couldn't help but think that in only 7 months Avarey will be having her 1st birthday! Time is flying...everyone said it would but I never imagined it would go as fast at it is! I love Av's at this age and I'm trying to savor every moment!

Av's trying to get Zach's bottle!

Av's looking up at mommy when I told her she couldn't have it...not that she understood what I was saying!

Zach trying to take Avarey's bow off!

side view of the bow snatcher!

Such a pretty girl!

John and I went and got Avarey's ears pierced on Saturday July 25Th, 2009 ( sorry about all the dates, I just don't want to forget!!!) I have been wanting to get them pierced but have been a little chicken! And rightfully so...she screamed and turned bright RED!!! It was worse than getting her shots! I felt soooo bad, but I really wanted to get them done before she discovered her Ears. She looks beautiful, the earrings suit her well and she forgot about it all in 5 min.

Yes there's one little Earring...she looks just precious!! It was another eventful, amazing weekend with my little Family!!!

No "Fair" for Av's

July 18Th, 2009

John, Av's and I had plans to go to the OC Fair with friends when Avarey came down with a little cold! Poor baby had a drain for a just wouldn't stop running. The Cold Monster had trouble breathing with her monster boogies that formed due to her drain. I felt bad after the first night when Both Av and I got little sleep. So the next day I went to my "favorite store" and got this cute little cow humidifier! Let me just tell you that I LOVE THIS LITTLE COW!!! Av slept a million times better with it and it's not medicated! It's just a cool mist!! It's made by CRANE if any of you are interested. Anyways Avarey was feeling much better by Saturday...the day we had plans for the Fair...but I decided not to chance it and left her with her Nana while I drove out to Costa Mesa to meet up with John. John had already been out in the area due to his Tattoo apt. Yes he's addicted and his arm is halfway done. No it doesn't look like a wrist cast anymore. I have my days where I love his tattoo's and days where I'm not so fond of them. Avarey on the other hand is rather amused by them...they are colorful and "pretty!" Anyways WE had a GREAT time at the overcrowded fair! I love getting out of the house!! Here are some moments John and I happen to catch on camera!!

Vince, Mason and Kelly at the end of the night! Poor guy was soooo tired and fighting it!

Travis, Krystal and Deyvn eating over priced BBQ Corn!

WE did this scary face on purpose but this ride really was scary! I thought I was going to puke!

John and Trav in line for the Zipper!

John and Devyn...John's practicing the shoulder sit for Avarey!

All the Girls! kelly, me, Danielle, Alena, Krystal, devyn and Danielle's two girls Journey and Savannah
Leroy, Jason (I think that's his name), Vince, Mason (in front), John, Travis and Scottie!

WE all had soooo much fun! Next time I say we go on a weekday when it's less crowded!