Monday, March 30, 2009

A Perfect Friday with Uncle Michael!

Avarey and Uncle Michael! Doesn't he look so happy?

This was mine and Av's first visit with Michael! It was love at first sight for both Av and Michael! They both couldn't stop looking at each other! It was definitely one of those days I will never forget! A perfect Friday!!

No more newborn clothes :-( 5 weeks old

Getting ready for bed

This is my favorite outfit on her! It brings out her beautiful eye's!

eating Manda's nose!

How can you not fall in love with her?

Nana and Avarey!

ps. Av no longer fit's in Newborn clothes! She's getting so big! I can't believe she's 5 weeks today! It went by so fast!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Yes...more pictures! Don't complain you're all looking!

I love this picture!
Just after they performed!

Yes, that's Star Tours in the background!

I swear I have other bows...this one just matches everything!

I love these Pj's...I told you pink and green are her colors!

My family!

My best friends...minus Auntie Jen!

John and his faces!

When you wish upon a star...

Auntie Manda, Avarey and I in front of It's a Small World!
Mommy and Avarey

I love Disneyland!!

Avarey's First trip down Main Street USA!!!

Daddy's little Girl! The two loves of my life!

St. Patty's Day

Avarey got all dressed up for mommy's 25th birthday...Gotta love those bows! (I just ordered 8 more)
"Why are you taking so many pictures of me mommy?"

I love this face!

Pink and green are definitely her colors!

My birthday this year was low key...and I wouldn't have had it any other way! John surprised me with a new camera, (The canon photshot) I love it! But my favorite gift was the one God sent me a month before! Having Avarey was truly the best gift I have ever received! She is the light in my life...I am truly blessed with the best little girl in the world!
Though we didn't go out on my birthday, John and I did go out for Sushi the Sunday before. I have to say it is very weird leaving Avarey at home...even if she is in the best hands! Nana and Auntie Manda love her to pieces and she loves them just the same!
On my actual birthday, My mom, sister and daughter took me to Olive Garden for lunch! My mom even had a beer with me! My bestie Jen sent me the yummiest edible arrangement, which was enjoyed by my whole family! And of course my mom made me my favorite meal....corn beef and cabbage,(what else would she make on St. Patty's Day)! My birthday was definitely one to remember...thanks to my family and friends!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My honey bunny...

Weight update!

At Avarey's two week check-up, Avarey hadn't re-gained her birth weight so we had a follow up today with her doctor and.....she gained about a pound! She's now at 8lbs. 14oz! And that little bump on her back turned out to just be her rib's.We're very relieved! I am definitely one of those paranoid mommy's!

Auntie Manda's #1 Fan

The never ending poopie incident! Avarey decided that she should poop all over the bed at the Hilton! It was rather cute and seriously never ending. After 3 diaper changes and 15 min. she finally finished. She's photogenic even when she's pooping!
Sleeping peacefully! She loved that bed!

Manda's team were national champs...of course!

Waiting for awards! I know I'm cut out...but I never have pictures with the two of us!

This is my new favorite! Look at her big beautiful blue eye's! Isn't my baby just gorgeous?!

We went to Anaheim last weekend for Manda's Cheer competition and it turned out to be a great weekend! We stayed at the Hilton across from the convention center and even walked around Disneyland on Saturday! We had a's always nice getting out of the house. Avarey got to cheer on her favorite Auntie at her very first cheer won't be her last! Manda's team did amazing and came in first. I have other pictures...on my new camera (my birthday present from John), those will be posted soon!

Monday, March 9, 2009

To save or not to Save...the umbilical cord?!

So Avarey is two weeks old today...and I can't believe how fast time has gone by. I feel like she was still in my belly yesterday. She's getting bigger by the day and reached a big milestone yesterday...losing her umbilical cord! I have to admit it kind of scared me. Thank God for my mommy! She reassured me everything looked just fine! It's funny how much you worry about your little one.
Avarey received her first bath yesterday and pretty much hated it. She screamed the whole time! She really is super cute even when she's screaming bloody murder! I love her little lip really is the cutest thing.

My Aunt Katherine and Uncle Aaron and their girls stopped by to visit Avarey! It's always nice to have family over. I still remember when the girls were Avarey's size, they are getting so big!

This is my new favorite picture! She looks like a little pixie! She looks beautiful in everything but Green and pink really are her colors! She really has stolen my heart.
PS.We are not saving her cord...It really does look like dried cat poop. However, it is in a zip lock bag for now on the kitchen table for everyone to see! lol

Monday, March 2, 2009

We forgot family members...

Aunt Jenny
I love my Nana
Thank you Aunt Jenny and Nana for helping us get through labor and my first week home! Avarey and I love you both so much.

Sleep what?

Bonding with Everett

Going for a drive

~I am so in Love~

The first week with Avarey has been a little crazy! She just stared letting me sleep for 2 hours at a time. She's going through more and more diapers...which means I'm doing my job! I never thought I would be so happy to change a poopie diaper ;-)
I also can't stop talking pictures, I want to remember she looks different everyday! My life is forever changed and for the better! I can't believe it's already been a week. Thank you to everyone for your well wishes! We love and appreciate all of you!!!

My first week...

Look at me smile...
My beautiful perfect baby girl!

Mommy's Princess

Sleep, sleep, sleep

Sleeping with daddy!