Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Off to Grandma's/River we go!

River Weekend Avarey playing with her toy's at Grandma's!
Sunday Breakfast by the River! Av's loved staring out at the boats!

Cousin's! John's sister's kids were also at Grandma's!

Hands Down my favorite picture of my beautiful baby and her amazing daddy!

Family shot! Poor Avarey hated that life vest...but we explained it to her! "Sorry, it's the law honey!" Not that she understood that! ;-)

My precious on her first boat ride was an angel as soon as that boat started moving!
Daddy Kisses!

Thank you Kyle and Erica for a great Saturday on the River! WE love you guys!

Crazy how fast time goes by! I'm glad our daughter's will grow up together! And I hope they have the best road trips...just like we did (screaming/singing NSync and Britney as loud as we could)!

Raccoon eyes for sure!
Sweeping on the boat! It was so precious!

Of course I had an umbrella over her!

Daddy was so proud showing his princess off! She loved Kaelen's Car! And I didn't even have to blow it up! Thanks Erica!!

Beep, Beep!

So funny! She is definitely not a fan of life vests!!!

John, Avarey and I headed out to Parker Friday! It was a last minute trip and it turned out to be sooo much fun! Saturday we got up early and headed out to Breakfast at Bluewater! After breakfast John decided to kill a little time by showing me ALL around Parker...his "stomping grounds" as he calls it! lol WE literally drove around for an hour and a half! It was cute how he was telling Av's and I stories about every inch of this town! Too cute! After our "little" tour we headed up River to Kyle's parents house to meet up with everyone and put the boat out on the water! Avarey loved the water...just like her mommy and daddy! Kyle and Erica were so great, always making sure Av's was ok! It was so nice to be out in Parker on the River with Erica! It's been too long! Let's not let it ever be that long again! WE hung out at the Sandbar, cruised up to the dam (yes Kyle and John I know it's the deepest dam...lol) and than floated while Av's was taking a little nap! We all had a late lunch at Roadrunner and than made our way back to John's parents house for family time! Av's had so much fun spending time with John's parents and her cousin's! Sunday was a lazy day! We had breakfast with the Jones's and than had a little more family time with Grandma and Grandpa Harris! The three of us took a nice nap and than headed home around 3pm. What a great weekend! Much needed! John and I loved taking Avarey out on the River and it couldn't have turned out any better! Av's didn't even get red! I did re-apply sunscreen a couple times...but what mommy doesn't?! WE love , love, love River Weekends and great friends!

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  1. cute! natalie is taking her first boat ride tomorrow, well see if she is as goood as avarey was