Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Goodbye #2 The BBQ

Sunday August 9th, 2009

John Avarey and I drove out to Fullerton yet again for Jen's BBQ! Actually Avarey and I dropped John off at Lefty's for a Tattoo appointment and than headed to Jen's to help set a few things up and run errands. I picked him up a little later and brought him back to the BBQ! Avarey was a trooper (when is she not...knock on wood) but seriously Avarey was great all day! She even took a nap in her pack n' play! Avarey was an angel, and John and I had a great time with our friends!
George, Ian, Andrew, Scott, and Rodney the puppy! Av's loved Rodney and so did I! He is sooo adorable!

Arash and Mike sitting in the shade...yes that's a Hello Kitty table clothe! Jen's new town is known for Hello Kitty Land! She's rather excited about it!!

Theresa and baby #2!

Avarey playing away in her pack n' play!

This picture is the reason I made these pictures extra big! Look at those eye's!!!!! She is just gorgeous!

John sneaking in some
Velvet Cheesecake!

Jen and her Gross blue drink.

Beer Pong!

Avarey and daddy! Why are there no pictures of me??? Jen I think I took a family picture on your camera?!? If so I want it! Good times!

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  1. hahahah you sure did..plan on posting them later today...u took awesome pics on mine!! loooove you!