Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day Four

~Sick Baby~

My little Av's stared a fever on Saturday. I figured it was just teething and made her comfortable. Sunday her temperature was still high...it peaked at 101.8 and I was still thinking ...it's just teething (maybe I was more like hoping). Anyways Sunday night it got worse. She woke up screaming twice and did not sleep well tossing and turning all night. Her temp...rose to 102.7 and around 5:00 am I called the after hours nurse for advice. She pretty much just confirmed that I was doing all I could. I was giving her luke warm sponge baths, rotating Tylenol and Motrin every 6 hours, keeping her lightly dressed (in just a shirt so she didn't get a chill, or just in her diaper), and watching for any change. The nurse also suggested I call for a same day appointment the next day. So Monday morning Avarey finally fell asleep around 7...thank goodness cause I was exhausted too. Anyways we woke up around 9 ( a nice 2 hour nap!) and I took her temp, I was relieved to see that it was way down at 99.9!! However after I feed her breakfast she started getting warm again. I took her temp and sure enough...it was climbing back up...101.9, ugh. I immediately called and made an appointment. The doctor checked her ears and throat...and they were "perfect" (his terminology). He sent us upstairs for a blood test to check for infection. This was a nightmare. They couldn't find a vein, Av's was screaming, a line was starting to form in the lab and I was on the verge of tears. Finally they managed to extract some blood from her right arm and we were on our way home. I made Avarey feel comfy the rest of the day though she was highly agitated...not herself. She was crying and whining and needless to say...I felt horrible for my baby girl. I thought her fever was finally breaking last night and that we were all going to get some much needed rest...but that's not the way it happened. Avarey was up all night again. Her fever broke through 103 and peaked at 103 again this morning. Again Avarey went back to sleep after daddy left for work around 7:00 am. We again sleep for two hours when we got a call from the doctor. Turns out that her blood clotted and they couldn't use it. My heart sank because I knew what this meant. He wanted us to come back in today for another blood sample as well as a urine test. This is never ending. I'm exhausted and stressed. Words can't describe how horrible I feel for my little princess who is also miserable. So here we are again...Tuesday (day 4 of high fever's) still don't know what's going on and we are about to go back in for more tests. Please Lord give us strength today.

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  1. Oh Mellanie I am so sorry. My heart is breaking for you... I know feeling helpless why you know your baby is not feeling well is extremely hard! Hopefully you have more luck today to get a diagnosis and then be able to treat it and get her feeling back to her normal self!