Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The last American Dinner and Backyard fun!

The last Picture with Aunt Jenny till December (23rd to be exact)!
My precious

My precious and her Aunt Jenny! I just love them both! This face Av's is making is new and soooo cute!

Backyard fun!
Av's loves the doggy so....I put a blanket down and brought out a basket full of toys and we enjoyed a nice evening outside! I love these baby legg warmers...John not so much! He said it reminds him of strippers! eww. It's super cute and I love them on her. What do you think?

Gosh, I just can't get enough of her! I really do love her more than all the Stars in the Sky and than some!!


  1. i loooove the leg warmers...not at all stripperish!

  2. i cant believe ous babys they are getting so big and cute all the time with there new looks and faces they pull.

  3. Oh her chubs and rolls are to die for! I would eat her up everyday too! Sooooooooo cute!