Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Down Town Fullerton...Jen's last Friday

I decided to drive out to Fullerton Friday night to squeeze a little extra bestie time in before Japan. I left Murrieta around 9:45, Av's was sound asleep with her amazing daddy to watch her for the night! I arrived at Stadium Tavern in Fullerton around 10:30 pm (already way past my bedtime)! Jen was already tipsy!lol I wasn't there for 20 minutes when we headed over to Heroes! Now I haven't been out to DTF in forever and I wasn't missing anything! I'm so over the bar scene...but anything for my bestie! Anyways it turned out to be a great night! I had two beers and was done! I'm a light weight...not much of a drinker! I ended up spending the night at Theresa's (Jen's sister's). I set my alarm for 5:30...I wanted to be home before Av's woke up! I woke up around 6:30 and couldn't figure out why my alarm didn't go off!?!? Turns out my phone was going off all night...(the momma was calling to see if I got home ok. She's I'm 25 and yes she is still a worry wart)! Theresa on the other hand was a little annoyed at my mom's checking in! Sorry T, thanks for not kicking me out! She ended up turning my phone on silent...I had no idea till Jen told me the next day! Yay, that's just two beers and I was passed out! Here are some pictures from the night!
The "Rash"...ok so his name is Arash and he is amazing! He makes my bestie super happy!

So Jen's drink was a little too strong...(Tokyo Tea) so she was drinking it with water! I think she thought the water would balance the alcohol!lol

So her new camera was having issues and this is Jen's sad face! On a good note it's all fixed!!

Sunny! Love this kid!

Sergio showing off his manhood! ;-)

Rachel...not sure what she thinks about this manhood!

Andrew...probably laughing at something Jenny did or said!

I love my Bestie!

PS. I still got home before Avarey woke up!!!

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