Sunday, December 13, 2009


So Life has been uber busy with the new job, everyone being sicky, and the Holidays. By the Holidays I mean from Halloween till the Christmas Season. I've gotten 2 months behind in my posts and the thought of catching up was daunting. But I finally got my sick princess to take a nap so here I go! This first post is Halloween!

Halloween was soooo much fun. Avarey loved playing with the messy pumpkins. She might have tasted a little in the process! John and I love carving so We went to town and I believe our pumpkins turned out great! Of course John did his by hand and I just traced! I'm not the artist John is! He really is amazing! John and I took Avarey to a couple of houses on our street and she may not have gotten the whole trick or treating idea...she did get that she was outside at night. She Did amazing. She loved looking at all the other little kids! We dressed her up as pebbles. Of course I had to put tights and a long sleeve underneath her costume...but she still looked cute. I can't wait till next year when she understands a little more!!

Mommy's Pumpkin...
Daddy's Pumpkin!

April! Avarey's future Dance teacher!

Aunt Manda and Avarey

She LOVED the pumpkin goo!

Not so much how it tasted!

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  1. she was a super cute pebbles!! And i'm happy you got onto updating, it's been a long time!