Sunday, December 13, 2009

Manda's 18th and Turkey day with the Petty's

My little sister turned 18. Yep!? 18...I can't believe it. Her birthday always falls around Thanksgiving so we decided to celebrate it and have another "Thanksgiving" with my dad's side of the family! We love getting all the Petty's's nothing short of interesting! hehehe
Amanda about to blow out her candles when...

her hair caught on fire. It was hilarious and I'm super glad I got a picture of it! Just look at her face! lol Amanda is always our entertainment!

Aunt Katherine (Dad's Sister), Uncle Aaron and their beautiful girls!

Baby was exhausted...too much turkey does that to you!

An "exciting" game of spoons! My sister is a little feisty and competitive.

Daddy and Uncle Craiger too tired to get up and take the spoon away from the baby!

Family...minus my momma!

Tyson finished off Avy's plate!

Amanda may be 18 but she still sits at the kid table!

Nana and Poppa!

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  1. i can't believe amanda is 18! and av's looks like such a big girl in mom's arms!!!