Sunday, December 20, 2009

~Beautiful Baby/Toddler Club~

Avarey had an amazing Saturday...why you ask???

...Because she had two friends come over for a playdate! Avy J. loves other babies/kids...smaller people in general! She's fascinated that there are other people her size out there in the world! John and I love having company as well! Erica and Kaelen arrived first but the party started when the Lugo's arrived and Mason darted for the Christmas tree and opened one of Avarey's Presents! It was hilarious. He was a little upset when we told him that none of those presents were his and that he couldn't open anymore! It was classic...I can't wait till Avarey gets that excited for Presents! All three kids loved watching the doggy (Tyson) run in circles around the pool! The night ended at Buffalo Wild Wings (which was amazing by the way! Why I haven't eaten there sooner I have no idea)!

Here are a few moments we captured on camera...


  1. What a fun day! I can't wait til James plays with other kids! Brooklynn tries to play with him but he isn't very fun yet! Soon enough though...I can't believe how fast Av has grown up!!!