Sunday, September 27, 2009

~Sand and Sport SUPER Show~

Last weekend John and I met up with Krystal, her girls and Trav at the Oc Fairgrounds for the Sand And Sport Super Show. Kystal and Trav just bought a new Rail and wanted to shop around for possible accessories! We also walked around at the Swap Meet (which I love). It was a great Sunday with some of our funniest friends!
Kystal's girls! They were such BIG helper's with Avarey!

Kystal and Av

Av's is teething and loves cold things on her gums...including Bottles.

Av and Trav

I really do heart her...

another one of Avarey's tricks...she likes to put her whole paci on her mouth! lol

Ahhh sisterly love!

"what's on top of your hat daddy?"


"Everything goes in my mouth!"

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