Sunday, September 27, 2009

Avarey's New Toy's

So Avarey's newest thing is to walk around the whole house. It's really cute until John and I want to take a break...that's when of course Avarey decides to throw a little fit. So on Friday John came home from work exhausted and because Avarey demanded he walked around a little with her....he handed her off to me and took a shower. He came out (smelling much better) clean and with the best IDEA! Meet Avarey's first Jeep, Mr. Beep Beep! Av loves him. Not only can she get around by herself...she can chase the doggy! She hasn't quite mastered Mr. Beep Beep yet but I don't think it'll take long...I mean she figured out the HORN with her mouth in the first 20 min. She's happy which makes mommy and daddy very happy! Isn't Mr. Beep Beep handsome?!
Now as most of you remember or read about... We were in a little car Accident about 2 months was rather scary but we did get something good out of it! This is Avarey's NEW Britax Car Seat! I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE it and so does she. It looks a little big in my car but it'll fit better once were able to face it forward in a few months. It's super cute and seems comfy! Not to mention it's MUCH bigger and Avarey is no longer squished. I'm rather excited that I no longer have to carry that infant seat around to, Av is 18 lbs plus the weight of the car seat itself it was getting to be a workout and my arms were definitely taking a beating getting that seat in and out of my car. Anyways I'm very pleased with this car seat and am in the process of getting another car seat cover that I can rotate this pretty yellow one with! Yeah for new things!

She is just so BEAUTIFUL!

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