Sunday, September 27, 2009

~Manda's Last Homecoming~

Here are a few pictures I took...they turned out MUCH better than I thought they would....the fact that my sister looked absolutely beautiful HELPED a lot!
~My favorite girls in the whole wide world~

I just love this picture...Codi,Manda, and Kiley

My 3 sister's...Ki, Hil and Manda!


I look like a little person standing next to her. lol

The only picture of Av and I from the game??? That's what happens when I take all the pictures.

The Grandparents!

So I made her whole outfit..I am rather proud of myself!

~I Love My Auntie~


  1. i loooooooooove the outit! it looks great!! miss you guys to pieces and even more when i see things like this!!! LOVE YOU!

  2. so cute her outfit is great i want to go but we went out of town!!!