Monday, June 22, 2009

Team Yo Mama

~Relay for Life~
In Memory of Jen's Mama, Dao Dobyns
Saturday June 20, 2009 Nana and Av's
Baby E! He's getting so big!
Everette wants Avarey to play...

She's not so sure! Attitude face!
First time they've seen each other in a while! E was was interested and wanted Avarey's bow...Av on the other hand just stared! lol
The "Rash" playing soccer! This kid rocks! he gets my sarcasm and can dish it right back! He's a keeper Jenny!

My chunky monkey! She's wearing a 3-6 month Gerber shirt...that didn't cover that chunky belly!

You can really see the chunker right here!

My other Bestie! Watching the OC Star Wars society show! It was hilarious....though I don't think it was supposed to be funny!

My mama, John and Av headed out to Fullerton Saturday to participate in the Relay for life event in memory of Jen's mama! WE had a great time. We did some walking, some eating, some talking, some board games, but most of all we supported my Best Friend Jen! Jen and T organized this walk in honor of their mama. WE all wore Team Yo mama shirts and took turns walking around the track. Good times with Amazing people!

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  1. it means the world that you made it out!! we had a blast with you!! i love that i have a best friend that i can count on!!