Thursday, June 4, 2009


THE DREADED DOCTOR This Morning little Miss Avarey Jordan had a doctor's Apt. I'm not gonna lie...I was a nervous wreck! Her last appointment left both of us in tears.
I hate immunizations.
I hate seeing her cry.
I dread Doctor days. Though I do really like her pediatrician!

So anyways, The first part of the appointment went great! My little Honey Bunny is a chunker!
~She Weighs...

14lbs and 10.9 oz~ 90 percentile for her age which is about 15 weeks!

~She's also...

24 inches long~50 percentile for her age!

Av's enjoyed the first half, she was all smiles for her doctor and her mama, until...
The Nurse came in with her basket of shots! Yes I said that right. She had a basket of shots...I think my face went a little white. Av's had to get three shots and an oral medication. The oral part went fine, Avarey Jordan will put anything in her mouth...little chunker. Than the nurse went to town on my poor little Av's legs. Two shot's in one and One in the other. Tears flowed from her Big Blue eye's and a loud scream/cry came out of her precious mouth. I held it together. I had to be brave for Av....but let me tell you I wanted to cry right along with her!

Av's right after her shot's...poor thing turned bright RED!

and we have to do it all again in two months!


  1. That breaks my heart! I teared up just reading the post. It could be all the crazy pregnancy hormones though! She is just so cute! I will be in California in two weeks so we will have to get together! Love ya!

  2. :( Shots are never fun, Everett had his 9 month appointment and we didn't have any shots! I practically jumped for joy!