Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happiest Place on Earth

I bought An annual Pass!! I love Disneyland and now so does Avarey!! I bought our pass May 6th and we have already been twice. I must say I didn't know what Avarey would think about Disneyland...but She loves it! Her favorites;
Playhouse Disney Show at California Adventure
The Carousal at Disneyland

She looks like such a big girl here!

Minnie...whom I promise she adores despite her face!

I'm standing behind the "A" I wouldn't leave her by herself. Though people walking by thought my mom put her up there by herself and then left to take a picture!

My favorite. I have a picture with my dad on this ride when i was Avy's age!

Look at her bum! Is she not the cutest thing?! She stood there watching Dumbo forever! She did not want to leave.

Someone learned how to turn around and look at mommy. She thought it was hilarious. I know I shouldn't have humored her by taking a picture but I couldn't help myself.

~ Toontown~

Nana and Avy

WE have gone now every Thursday... and every time It is perfect. Not crowded, not too hot...just perfect! So glad I got a pass! I'm looking forward to a magical year at Disney with my Princess!

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