Tuesday, May 18, 2010


It's been about a month since I've posted anything. Life is crazy. I know I talked to a few of you and you are aware of what's been going on. John and I are very different people. I love him but have somewhere along the line fallen out of love. Many incidents lead to us falling apart and though they are important it's not necessary to go into detail. Long story short is that John is now in Arizona working and living. Avarey and I are at my parents. More than anything I wanted a happy ending, happy family, to get married...but I've come to the realization that John and I are not meant to be. I'm stressed, but relieved. John left yesterday after spending the weekend here with Avy...He hadn't seen her in 6 weeks. I kind of felt numb when he drove away...but at the same time I felt like a weight has been lifted off my chest. I'm not sure what tomorrow will bring but I do know Avy and I will be just fine.


  1. Man, you have been through a lot recently. You're right, you will be fine but don't forget to take care of yourself. Even when it's best for everyone, the end of significant relationships is (at times) downright awful. I'm sending you good vibes and looking forward to reading all the blog posts about the wonderful life you're creating for you and your little girl.