Monday, April 20, 2009

While daddy was gone...

Well it was a busy weekend and with no John it was also a little tiring! John went to Phoenix to visit friends and to drop off Roxy (his Boxer). Roxy is definitely going to get a ton of attention living with Jeff. So we didn't miss daddy too much Av and I kept ourselves busy. Friday we visited Uncle Michael with my mom. Michael is doing great...and he just loves Avarey! He is sooo cute with her. She loves him as well, she just stares and smiles up at him. I'm so happy that Michael and Avarey get quality time, it really is funny to watch Michael play with her. He does however want her to be a Tom-Boy...I am under strict orders to dress her in sporty clothes next time we visit...Michael is not a fan of the bows! lol
Saturday. Avarey and I went to Oceanside to watch Auntie Manda cheer at the Beach. It was a beautiful day. We kept Av in the shade while I tried to get a little sun....instead I got a little burnt!

This outfit looked soooo cute on her...countless people stopped to look at the "cute baby!"

Manda thinks she is teaching Av how to stunt!

Overall it was a good weekend...we just missed daddy!

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  1. i'm so happy the weekend went so well!! Michael looks sooo happy with his girls!! thats 3 generations in that picture!! holy crap! love you all