Tuesday, April 14, 2009


OK So this Picture is from this morning 4/14/2009! I love this Panda outfit...it was an Easter gift from Auntie Manda (her nickname is Manda panda!)
Av and Daddy were watching Mary Poppins!

Her Easter Dress was super cute...as well as the Easter Bow I ordered for her!

She did not like me putting her in the basket...but her mad face is super cute!

Av and Tyson...This made me super nervous...but Tyson just wanted to love her! He gave her lots and lots of kisses! Uncle Michael will love this picture!

Av's Bunny tail!

This is how she woke up Easter Morning! She is so adorable! Avarey's first Easter was event filled! Grandma and Grandpa Harris came down from Parker for a couple of hours. We had Lunch at Olive Garden and than of course Easter dinner with Nana and Poppa Petty! I can't wait till next year when hopefully she'll be walking and she can actually enjoy Easter a little more!

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  1. I LOOOOVE her bunny buttt!! shes sooo cute! can't wait to see her and you again!! XOXOXOXO