Monday, March 9, 2009

To save or not to Save...the umbilical cord?!

So Avarey is two weeks old today...and I can't believe how fast time has gone by. I feel like she was still in my belly yesterday. She's getting bigger by the day and reached a big milestone yesterday...losing her umbilical cord! I have to admit it kind of scared me. Thank God for my mommy! She reassured me everything looked just fine! It's funny how much you worry about your little one.
Avarey received her first bath yesterday and pretty much hated it. She screamed the whole time! She really is super cute even when she's screaming bloody murder! I love her little lip really is the cutest thing.

My Aunt Katherine and Uncle Aaron and their girls stopped by to visit Avarey! It's always nice to have family over. I still remember when the girls were Avarey's size, they are getting so big!

This is my new favorite picture! She looks like a little pixie! She looks beautiful in everything but Green and pink really are her colors! She really has stolen my heart.
PS.We are not saving her cord...It really does look like dried cat poop. However, it is in a zip lock bag for now on the kitchen table for everyone to see! lol


  1. hahahaha you have something that looks like cat poop on the kitchen table!! thats freakin awesome!!!

    ready for a funny first date story?!?!?

    a guy and girl go on a date and head back to his house, she has to use the restroom, so she does. She realizes that the toilet is broken and it won't flush anything but urine. she runs to the bathroom and grabs a ziplock bag. She scoops up her poop into this bag. She goes to write the guy a note about how she had fun on her date and can't wait to see him again. She ran out before she saw him again. She checked that she had her purse and left closing the door behind her. His door is one of those doors that automatically locks behind you.

    By time she closed the door she realized it was too late! what did she forget? her bag of poop!! on the counter next to her letter!! so she left him a bag of poop on top of the letter she wrote to him!!! BAHAHAHAHAHA great story!

  2. So you would think I would come on here and tell you that I scrapbooked E's umbilical cord.........ewww no! BUT I SURE DID THINK ABOUT IT! You want to know why we both thought about it? JEN! She plants these crazy thoughts in our heads and makes us think crazy things, like scrapbooking an umbilical cord. FOOD FOR THOUGHT there missy! :P p.s. I found a new addiction get on it! woohoo!