Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Missing that thing called sleep...

So I've been having trouble sleeping, which is why I'm up right now posting a blog! I had my 38 week checkup on Monday and everything looks amazing! Her head is down...hopefully she'll stay that way! I can't believe I'm due next week...Friday to be exact! But I have a feeling Avarey's super comfy and has no intention on coming out anytime soon! My next appt is Monday and than again on Friday! If I don't have her by the 23rd My doctor is most likley going to induce me...since that's when he'll be in labor and delivery. He's the same doctor that performed my mom's surgery a few years back and so we have 100% trust in him! I'm a little anxious and nervous only because I have no idea what to expect!
I took a few pictures of Avarey's room so you all can see the beautiful painting John created just for his little girl! I think it turned out amazing! We also painted her letter's, added little jewel's an bow's of course! Her shelf and teal picture frame were also hand crafted by John and I! The Poem in the frame is Footprints! Her crib is set up and we ordered her bedding online , so were just waiting on that and my Glider and her room will be complete!
I can't wait to meet my little girl, nor can I stop shopping for her. I bought two more headbow's today and John couldn't resist buying her some cute pink puma's! She's sooo spoiled already! We love you all and appreciate all your love and support...let the countdown begin!

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  1. I totally remember being at the end of my pregnancy and not being able to sleep. My advice... TRY VERY HARD TO GET YOUR REST NOW!!!!! You don't have that much time to catch up before the baby comes! CONGRATS!!!! I know it is so hard waiting at the very end, but Bradley was 9 days late so just be prepared.