Friday, September 3, 2010

18 months

Avy had her 18 month check-up last Wed. It went...ok. She screamed whenever the DR. touched her and was terrified at the Stethoscope. I'm thinking Stranger Anxiety has kicked in. She had three shots and was not happy with me until I let her feed me her sucker. YES, She wanted me to have her sucker. She thinks it's hilarious to feed me! This is what else Avy has been up to:

  • Says Peas and tanks (please & thank you)
  • Says mommy, mom, matha, nelne (mellanie), Poppa, nana, keg (Craig), Da(Amanda), Kical(Michael), Kiee(Kiley), TyTy, cheese, dog, bird, moon, hey, no, light, ball, ewww, and tons more that I can't think of at the moment!! She's a great talker!
  • Can point and say, eyes, Nose, teeth, Hair, toes, belly (though she calls it baby!), and just point to her ears, head, fingers, knee's, hands, & tongue
  • knows animal sounds, moo, meow, arrrgg (LION), zzzz(bee) & Monkey..00hh, ah, oh
  • Can go up and down the stairs
  • Runs, Jumps (sort of), dances, marches, climbs Everything
  • LOVES Caillou. Starting to like Elmo!
  • is still so easy to put to bed
  • has two bottles a day. Naptime and bedtime. Those are the only times she gets a paci, or a bubbi and she calls it.
  • Loves storytime, I read a book at bathtime
  • Wakes up at 6:30, Naps at 12-3:30 ish, Bedtime is 8:30
  • Does not like mommy going to work...runs after me saying...hey, hey. hey, mommy. it breaks my heart.
  • Loves Disneyland...especially the Playhouse Disney Show!!
  • Loves to color
  • Loves TyTy our Pit Bull
  • Still has the most beautiful Blue eyes and blonde curly hair
  • Weighs 25 lbs
  • 31 inches Tall

I'm sure I'm forgetting a ton of stuff!! Avy is my perfect baby girl! she is getting too big. I fall in love with her more every day...even when she has major Tantrums! I love you Monkey Girl...more than all the Stars in the sky. And then some!


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