Sunday, October 4, 2009

7 Month Check-up

So again here we are another month older (where does the time go?) and another Doctor visit. Av is a month behind in her visits due to insurance changes and what not but really It's only two BIGGIE! We visited the Dr. Thursday Morning October 1st! It's kinda funny that all the nurses know her...and love her. With the car accident and her being sick she's been to the doctor more than a few times in the past few months. She's actually doing much better with the doctor...until dun dun dun...the nurse comes in with the shots. That's not much fun for Av or mommy. She had 4 shots in total including the flu shot, ( Now I wasn't sure I was gonna have her get it until I was actually in the office and another baby was all sickly with the flu. I felt so bad for the baby and just couldn't chance Av getting sick like that too.) Overall it was a good visit besides Avy J. being out of it for the rest of the day.
. Av is now weighing in at...19.3 lbs

  • She is 2'2 feet tall
  • eats just about anything I give her with is either homemade or Gerber Organic!
  • Her Fav is Sweet Potatoes and Bananas
  • She is sleeping through the night (except recently this cold nonsense has thrown her off)
  • She Loves standing and walking around the house ALL THE TIME
  • Mr. Beep Beep has really come in handy (walker)
  • Still loves her Paci...though I'm trying to not give it to her as much
  • Rocking on her knee's but not crawling
  • Still turns Bright RED when she coughs, Sneezes, is pooping or is mad!
  • Learning how to wave BYE and Hi! Almost there! She is really's too cute!
  • likes to share her paci with mommy and daddy and thinks it's the funniest thing
  • Gets around by rolling...and I mean GETS around! She will be across the room in a heart beat!
  • Loves little her teether and loves little puffy's!
  • Is now in a big girl car seat...still facing backward of course
  • Loves to kiss herself in the mirror as demonstrated in the picture posted
  • Loves to blow bubbles with her mouth
  • Loves play dates with other babies..
  • Loves Animals...and I mean L O V E S! Tyson the Doggy is her favorite
  • Her hair in starting to grow and is getting more blonde by the second!
  • Still has the most beautiful blue eye's
  • Goes to bed between 7:30 -8 EVERY NIGHT!
  • Rubs her eyes when sleepy
  • Will put herself to be at nap time with just her paci
  • Takes two naps a day 1st one around 11:30- 12 and second one in the late afternoon
  • Wakes up between 7:30- 8 ish every morning!
  • Is a little love bug and mommy's favoritist person in the whole wide world!!

ps. Doesn't she just look so cute in this little baby gown?! I almost died when they asked me to put it on her! lol

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  1. the gown is wayyy to cute!!! Way to keep up with posting!! i looove seeing my baby growing!